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Well done. Many thanks for a very well presented document. And thanks to




Tom Miles



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Thanks Otto, 

I totally agree with you on the importance of biomass fuel and refinement,
which can subsequently be linked to stoves. 

As well it is my pleasure to give people the credits they deserve! and Paal
is definitely among those. 


On the same note, let me change the subject line to give credit to GIZ HERA
who made the publication possible. So I try to post this text below that I
posted earlier today on the stoves-list as well to the other lists ( I hope
it goes through as I do not subscribe there)

Regards Christa


Text posted earlier today on the stoves-list (sorry for repeating the text


Originally I planned to publish the link of the new gasification manual
after ironing out some glitches . but it seems I have been taken over by
events. So here it comes:  

let me officially announce the new edition of the Micro-gasification Manual
of the Programme "Poverty-oriented Basic Energy Services (HERA)"
implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit
(GIZ) GmbH."  





The manual is going to be published also in a printed version later this


The manual was only finalized this week, and the website is not yet fully in
shape. There are more GIZ-HERA publications to come towards the end of the
month (I will announce once they can be accessed). As many people are
waiting for it, I asked for the micro-gasification manual to go online
first. Thanks to the GIZ-colleagues this happened yesterday.


I want to take the opportunity to thank Heike Volkmer for the hard work as
an editor to get thus far, as well as the co-authors of chapter two, Dr Paul
Anderson and Dr Hugh McLaughlin, and the authors of chapter five, Kelpie
Wilson and Thayer Tomlinson (please take note of the correct spelling of her
surname...) for their contributions. 


Thanks also go to all the numerous people who shared information and
contributed to make this manual more comprehensive and meaningful. 


The new edition has better looks thanks to the help of a professional
designer contracted by GIZ. I personally think the new info graphics are
stunning and hope you agree that this was worth waiting for.


The new version features many topics of recent discussions on the list, e.g.
find a double page on the Goldstandard-project by Servals and Atmosfair with
the Champion stove TLUD in the Sundarbans on pages 62/63 (actually one of my
favorite pages in the whole book).


Enjoy reading!


Am 04.04.2014 um 22:08 schrieb Otto Formo <terra-matricula at hotmail.com>:

Yes, thanks to Christa and GTZ for an excellent gasifier manual and  finely
Paal got the credit he desreved soo much.
A more detailed focus on biomass fuel and refinement, should be the next
chapter on the agenda.
A lot can be done here, as well, along the whole production line from raw
materials to finished products to the end user.


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