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Very nicely thought-out Greg! I hope that this all comes together and is
well publicized!




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I'm a local public servant (Co Bd supervisor)  working on a biomass energy
project in Jefferson County WI that would harvest coppicable polyculture,
perennial woody plants, on a four year cycle, and grown with alley crop and
keyline water management methods. Gleanings from the plantings would be used
to heat and power county buildings.


We're trying to institute a system of plant management that maximizes
cooperation with Nature to capture of matter and energy in a restorative
manner, and thus, sequester carbon, phosphorus, nitrogen, water and energy.
The plantings would also be grown to maximize ecological services provided
from the plantings (water retention, pollution mitigation, elemental
sequestration, energy capture and storage, habitat, windbreaks,
buffer-strips, snow fences), and gleanings from the plantings, like biomass,
fruit (mulberry, raspberry), hazelnuts, flowers, fodder, fiber and other
such useful nature derived resources. 


The plantings can be grown on government lands (Road right of ways,
conservation park lands, wet or riparian areas), or by the private sector as
desired The plantings could be grown on marginal or depleted lands. 


We want a system that is local, restorative, precautionary and cost
effective over time. The project is being marketed as providing energy
security, and insulation from price spikes and middlemen. As part of the
initiative,  Permacultural principles are being promoted to assure a
holistic approach to the effort, and to create a system that creates both
social and ecological capital right here at home.


Amazingly enough, there is great interest in the idea, and a verbal
commitment has ben made to put in a pilot project.





Greg David

W4512 Riverdale Lane

Watertown, WI 53094

(920)262-9996 home

(920) 988-5629





On Apr 7, 2014, at 1:47 PM, thomas reed wrote:



It sounds like you are on the way to the most effective use of solar energy
- Biomass Power.  Here in Barre, MA,  we are Buried in wood, old, new, and
no one has responsibility for it.  


I have admired the well tended forests in Europe.  Do you know of anything
comparable this side of the Atlantic?


Tom Reed -BEF

On Tuesday, April 1, 2014, Larry Gooder <lgooder at borealiswoodpower.com
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Possible interest to the group list:

Borealis Wood Power Corp. has commissioned our Spanner RE2 wood gasification
CHP at our Burlington Ontario facility.

45 kWh electric and 100 kWh thermal using wood chips.

Our base load electrical is being used behind the meter at our parent
company, Summo Steel Corp. and presently using the thermal for chip drying,
as the plant has no need for additional heat.

Site visits available by appointment.




Larry Gooder

Mobile: (519) 671-6153

Office:  (905) 319-0404 x 2

www.borealiswoodpower.com <http://www.borealiswoodpower.com/>     



<mailto:TOMBREED2010 at GMAIL.COM> 

Dr. Thomas B. Reed
The Biomass Energy Foundation

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