[Gasification] [Stoves] Chip Guillotine

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Wed Jan 1 14:25:38 CST 2014

i recall seeing a chipper some time ago made from a truck rearend. the brake 
was modified and i forget but i think it made chunks for gasifiers. google 
should be consulted.
there are lots of old vehecle rear end in all parts of the world, often for 
free. with a big flywheel
on the input shaft it might be able to pedal power.
Louis in central BC
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Hi all interested in this project challenge.

I appreciate the comments and suggestions offered so far, and it has already 
changed my original ideas. The cardboard model and chip stick size shows 
that an 8" (200mm) disc is probably more practical, and a curved bottom 
blade would imitate the action of lopper shears.

It is important for all interested to remember, that these should be 
manufacturable in the basic workshops found in developing countries, or any 
rural place with limited facilities. No doubt they could be made in China, 
but that isn't always the best option for rural economies to bootstrap 
Seed money in the right places can do wonders, just like making stoves has 

With a bit of luck, I should have a working prototype by the end of next 
week, but holiday time in New Zealand is the time for wrenched backs, 
shoulders knees and ankles, so applying emergency treatments in the clinic 
keeps me out of the workshop (:-(

Happy New Year folks.
Doug Williams,

> >Hi Jeff and Paul,
> >
> >It's been a few years since I assembled this concept guillotine design 
> >into a drawing, and I emphasis concept. It was to show a principle of 
> >slicing the fibres as the force of the blade was applied with as much 
> >rotation of the blade possible. How the dimensions are determined can be 
> >proven using a cardboard mock-up and leaves plenty of room for innovation 
> >relating to the features you mention.
> We have chippers that use disc blades:
> http://www.greenmech.co.uk/greenmech-disc-blades/
> They are definitely not supposed to rotate in use but easy enough to
> mount so they do, the diameter is much smaller than your design at
> 100mm (4") diameter but they may make a simple entry for a 1/3
> dimension proof of concept.
> I have several but the postage may be prohibitive or I can ask a
> machine shop here to assemble something given a few more dimensions.

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