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>Jeff, Andrew etal:
>   1.  I vaguely recall this subject coming up 10 or more years ago, with the conclusion that a tool called a "bypass lopper" beat saws.  This Amazon ad
>shows at least 3 companies producing tools that seem to be about $15 per inch of wood material to be sliced (1.5 up to 3 inch).  Mainly designed for use in the field, but clamping on a bench should be fairly easy for many, and it might do double duty.

We have tree shears that work off a 20 tonne 360 excavator that will
slice through 24" pine!

Doug mentioned the Laimet, earlier Sasmo, helical/spiral blade. I
never did think much of them because it seemed that the increase
friction path of the blade lead to loss of efficiency compared with a
direct slice and I worry about this with the part rotation of the disc
blade as it travels through the wood, however the proof is in the

In the past we discussed modified chaff cutters which were hand


and I have also seen one of these modified to bind a continuous "rope"
of straw using glue impregnated string (which then were rolled into
discs for archery targets). 

A development of this theme is:


Which works by knives on two opposing rollers nipping into the wood
and drawing it forward but the length is non adjustable.

I can no longer find the link to a similar disc which was driven by a
chain on its periphery, an inverted arrow head blade set in an
aperture in the disc sheared the branch on each rotation and the
length was adjusted by a stop on the output side of the disc. It had
the added feature of a sharp point which initiated a split before the
cut. This was like the teardrop chunker but on a disc rather than a


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