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Cooling is directly related to the wet bulb temperature of the environment.
In Johannesburg South Africa (5000 ft amsl) the design wet bulb temperature
is 21oC for day time. The trick is to keep the pot itself in the shade and
somewhere where there is at least a small breeze so that fresh air can
replace the air around the pot. The air around the pot clearly gains water
vapour and its micro climate wet bulb temperature will rise




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Regarding evapourative coolers, 8°C is about the maximum available in a dry
climate. About 2°C in my local temperate climate and very little if any in a
hot humid one I would think. This I learnt from someone in a position to
know :-)




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I'm sure this is not the case but a refrigerator can be made from two clay
pots, one smaller than the other, charcoal and a cloth top. The smaller pot
fits inside the larger one with charcoal (or sand) betwixt them. Add water
to the charcoal and cloth plus evaporation. I also doubt that it would work
in the steamy jungles. Just thought I'd toss that out there.


Marry Christmas,

On 12/24/2013 02:52 PM, Ronal W. Larson wrote:

  I hope someone on this list has looked at efforts to mimic the Terra Preta
soils.  It seems clear they did much more than just put out ash - which
seems to have been what the vast majority of aboriginal slash and burn
cultures did.  I favor an argument that the char came from what happened
during and after cooking (If wood is easy to come by, you can make a lot of
char in a 3-stone arrangement.  I have seen one argument for an approach
like HTC.


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