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Maybe they are truthful but it sounds oddly similar to all the other firms that got millions in grants for their novel technology only to go bankrupt a year or two later.  Anyone that says they can gasify paper raises HUGE alarms for me because of the very high ash content and tightly packed bed.  I would make them prove everything with an on site demonstration before committing any money.

Stephen Abbadessa

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Happy New Year!
I am a young, potential entrepreneur from India with keen interest in gasification of agri residues. I have been looking at various technologies available internationally and find the claims of Biogen from Dominican quite interesting. The gasifier and the clean-up is very compact, they claim it can accept all feeds from paper to residues to RDF to wood chips etc, has zero discharge with tar being fully re-cycled on-line, does not use a chiller for removing condensibles, requires almost no maintenance, has very low parasitic load etc etc. All the features any one could ask for! Can anyone comment on the actual operating field experiences and how they are able to achieve all that they claim? They seem to be quite secretive about it and given that they seem to use scrubbers and low temperature gasification, some of the claims seem extra-ordinary – what with my limited knowledge of the technology.
Vikas Jain

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