[Gasification] Heating With Pellets

Bob Stuart bobstuart at sasktel.net
Sun Jan 26 21:50:36 CST 2014

"And it can even produce electricity - just strap on a water jacket  
to make steam."

Gosh, some people are new at this.  I just happened to be looking at  
http://www.greenturbine.eu/en/product.php which produces 1.5 kw, and  
costs Euro 5k by itself.  It also requires an adequate of superheated  
dry steam at 200C, and
A condenser (plate heat exchanger)
A vacuum pump, also working as a condensate pump
An overspeed protector device
A rectifier
An inverter, if grid connection is required
Unfortunately, it does not seem to be designed to add a simple  
centrifugal brake for overspeed protection, and  boiler design is the  
craft that gave birth to modern insurance companies and safety  

Bob Stuart

On 26-Jan-14, at 9:05 PM, Jeff Davis wrote:

> Interesting pellet stove that uses no electric:
> <http://www.wisewaypelletstoves.com/>
> Patent:
> <https://tinyurl.com/m3pch2r>
> These people have guts:
> <https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/wisestove>
> Jeff
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