[Gasification] Size of blower and tumbler required to dry chip in asolar kiln

Pete & Sheri spaco at baldwin-telecom.net
Mon Jan 27 22:43:09 CST 2014

Motor size???
I don't know either, but here's a place to start:

We have lots of used grain cleaners here in the Midwest USA.  Almost every
implement dealer has them.  Go take a look
At any farm implement dealer's stock.  

I bought two of them last year (one in partnership) and converted them to
sorting, not drying, wood chips. 
 One of them has a 36" diameter "drum" that is 72" long and it runs at about
44 rpms.  It came with a one hp 1725 capacitor start general purpose motor.
I think that was more than needed.
The other one has a  drum is 24" in diameter and 60 inches long. Personally,
I think its one hp capacitor start motor is overkill too. It originally ran
at about 30 rpm, but I slowed it to 22 rpm.  Still overkill, I think.
   The  screens on these machines have been changed to classify the chips to
the sizes we need.  So, in our case we DO want the material to progress down
the trammel in just a minute or two from the time it is poured in.  Our
machines are tilted at maybe 10° or less for our application.  For drying, I
think you'd want an even lower angle.  Make sure your machine has a tilt
mechanism that allows for change in this range.
  I  have used a common window "box fan" aimed at the trommel to blow light
chips and dust away from the "keepers" chips.
For me, it seems to work better to sort the chips BEFORE drying them.  That
way air flows better through them because the small stuff is gone.  And, of
course, there is less material that needs to be dried. 

  You can see these grain cleaners/chip sorters on my youtube channel:

Pete Stanaitis

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