[Gasification] [Stoves] Mk2 Chip Guillotine

Kevin kchisholm at ca.inter.net
Tue Jan 28 08:25:58 CST 2014

Dear Doug

"The best way to solve a problem is to eliminate it in the first place."

These folks have found a way to eliminate most of the need for fuel sizing. 
Looks like they could burn "kill dried wood" without the need for blocking, 
splitting, or chipping. It is sort of like an oversized Rocket Type stove.


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> Hi Jason,
> All I have done is to show a simple concept of using a disc blade to offer 
> it's rural application any need of sophisticated sharpening. Your idea is 
> quite practical, and I have made many foot operated mechanical 
> fabrications over the years. It should be simple enough to use a pipe 
> U-shape for a pedal with vertical connection to the lever. The body would 
> just be turned around so that the scraper blade handle faces the operator.
> This is a concept that could be extended in many ways depending on the 
> needs and ability of the user, so all ideas will formulate from who and 
> where these things might be used. Mine will evolve to make it easy to put 
> away when not in use, but any visitors wanting to talk about gasification 
> will have to give me a morning on the end of that lever(:-)
> Doug Williams,
> Fluidyne.
> On Tue, 21 Jan 2014 17:56:55 +1300
> Jason <urepedese at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Doug,
>> would your design objective make it feasible to make that cutter foot
>> operated with a return spring?
>> Closest thing I can find with a short search is a foot operated grommet
>> press. http://navyaviation.tpub.com/14218/css/14218_230.htm
>> Jason
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