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Re size of motor in dryer, if it is used for classifying materials it sounds about right.  Your much better off using a larger motor and having reserve capacity than operating at the full limits of the motor.  If it simply a dryer, do as James suggests and rotate it twice a minute or so.  

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   1. Re: Size of blower and tumbler required to (James Joyce)
Yep I agree, for low temperature drying anything more than 1 rpm in a drum drier is wasted effort and wasted electricity. It is hard to gear down to 1 rpm, but a few minutes an hour via a timer switch will achieve a similar outcome. 


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Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2014 22:10:58 -0800
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Subject: Re: [Gasification] Size of blower and tumbler required to
    drychip    in asolar kiln

I built a hand crank model
16" diameter and about  7' long with varied screens and catch bins below for sorting originally, only to find out if I turned it less... like one rev whenever I passed by it became a great dryer as well.
it was a scale model of what I will build when I have both the time and space... they will come.
I will scale to my feed rate of my gasifier.
what do you figure you have into motorizing and blowing/ pound or ton of chips, looking for a Kw/ton figure to bring chips from green to dry... on an average day at roughly 30rpms, with your electricly induced ambient breeze?
not looking for cost of equipment, but the cost to run it/ton?
if you don't mind
Luke Gardner

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Subject: Re: [Gasification] Size of blower and tumbler required to drychip in asolar kiln

Motor size???
I don't know either, but here's a place to start:

We have lots of used grain cleaners here in the Midwest USA.  Almost every implement dealer has them.  Go take a look At any farm implement dealer's stock.

I bought two of them last year (one in partnership) and converted them to sorting, not drying, wood chips.
One of them has a 36" diameter "drum" that is 72" long and it runs at about
44 rpms.  It came with a one hp 1725 capacitor start general purpose motor.
I think that was more than needed.
The other one has a  drum is 24" in diameter and 60 inches long. Personally, I think its one hp capacitor start motor is overkill too. It originally ran at about 30 rpm, but I slowed it to 22 rpm.  Still overkill, I think.

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