[Gasification] has anyone found a physical address of the company and how does adding hydrogen to carbon gas nutralise it?

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 There is a real catalyst system that the exhaust gas containing NOx passes through and it breaks it down into N2 without the temperature of standard catalysts like car exhaust but uses H2 to regenerate the catalyst and then cleans up the exhaust. This means two catalyzers, one in service and one being regenerated. The down side is the H2 cost of course. 
I have to admit that this particular group has an overabundance of undefined, buzzy adjectives that defy sense. If there is any gas that is more "nano" than hydrogen, I would sure like to see it or at least some sensible atomic description of it. Oh- "Investor gas" works.
Leland T. "Tom" Taylor
Thermogenics Inc. 

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                     Hi Tony,
       i guess you already found their website:
       Their land address is not so easy to find but here it is:
       HydroInfra Technologies HITI publ AB is a Swedish Public limited       company.
       Registration number: 556932-9658
       HydroInfra Technologies Headquarters
       Stockholmsvägen 33
       SE-181 33 Lidingö
       Search it on Google street view, it seems a social housing block,       bwahaha.
       So, I'm not yet convinced this guys are for real, or their tech,
       It has the distinked smell of a scam, just made up to sqeeze       investors.
       Lets explore it a bit:
       The professor Lee is real but he has nothing to do with this tech       or company,
       his noble prize technology 'inspired' the HIT founder Sven Erik.
       How many people are ' inspired' by a Noble Prize winner, and is       that relevant?
       They are just electrolyzing water, making H2 & O2 gas, but
       they avoid using the term HHO-gas which is used in many       water-for-gas scams
       where a lot of con artists claim your car can drive on       water-as-a-fuel.
       There is of course nothing ' Nano' about this gas, at best they       apply nano-bubbles in their wetscrubbers.
       I could not find their patent "Swedish patent registration number:       1400235-6"
       and if you have such an earth shocking technological invention, 
       and you are already speaking with firms & institutions around       the world,
       would you not protect it with international patents ??
       HNG in waste management               processing                         HNG has been discovered                 to be highly effective in the gasification of waste                 materials.
                               When injected into waste                 processing chambers, HNG creates a cold gas / reactive                 element that rapidly turns waste into gas without pre                 heating.
                               The discovery opens new                 potential in recycling waste for energy.
                16 July 2014       
       if you ask me thats just senseless gubbledigook
       Like to read more of that pseudoscience gubbledigook?
       A specific low energy pulse is put into water. The water molecules       line up in a certain structure and are split from the Hydrogen       molecules.
       The result is HNG.
       HNG is packed with ‘Exotic Hydrogen’
       Exotic Hydrogen is a recent scientific discovery.
       HNG carries an abundance of Exotic Hydrogen and Oxygen.
       On a Molecular level, HNG is a specific ratio mix of Hydrogen and       Oxygen.
       The unique qualities of HNG show that the placement of its’       charged electrons turns HNG into an abundant source of exotic       Hydrogen.
       HNG displays some very different properties from normal hydrogen.
       'Exotic Hydrogen' ? what a nonsense!
       By now you must be able to smell it too, something is rotten in       Denmark,
       oops, Stockholm.
       My IMHO conclusion:
       a blend of H2 & O2 gases may clear-up the exhaust gases of oil       & coal burners a bit,
       but they don't make CO2 disappear, although these hillbillies show       in a slideshare
       that they made SO2 disappear ( really !?),
       but there is nothing new here, all non science blabla and very       misty & vage news,
       Just put up online for fishing for gullible & greedy       investors, preferable non-scientifically inclined.
       Bruno M.
       I'm a chemist who debunked alt energy & other scams, for fun       for more then a decade. :-)
       Tony.Batchelor schreef op 3/11/2014 1:02:
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                                 This is               "nano bubble" emulsion tech. under a different name.
           Greg Manning
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                                    Has anyone heard of or investigated                       Hydro Nano Gas ?  Especially in re: gasification                       filtering? not much info but - View full article                       here                          Hydro Nano Gas Could Completely Neutralize CO2                         Emissions
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Hydro Nano Gas Could                                       Completely Neutralize CO2 Emiss...
                                                                                                   Stockholm, Sweden                                     (SPX) Aug 01, 2013 - Hydro Nano Gas                                     or HNG, has been created by Hydro                                     Infra Technologies, HIT, in                                     Stockholm, Sweden. Developed as an                                     answ...
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                                    "Hydro Nano Gas or HNG, has been                         created by Hydro Infra Technologies, HIT, in                         Stockholm, Sweden. Developed as an answer to                         greenhouse gases and fossil fuels emissions,                         this comes on the heels of many years of                         research and development by the company to                         create a safe, cost effective way to neutralize                         pollution emissions".
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