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Seems your German Socialism is showing through.  Top down never works.  EVER.  It kills ingenuity/inventiveness/incentive.  10,000 individual farmsteads working solutions for their own particular resource mix provide synergistic solutions never before would have been considered in the beaurocratic nightmaare of top down dictates.  PYROLYSIS would have been outlawed before the first puff of smoke was emitted.   The Universe of Creativeness depends on freedom of the individual to do and fail and try again, not to march lockstep into the doom of conformity to one overlord's idea of the "RIGHT WAY".   

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                                        Ideas onSustainability             We have no right to dismiss GlobalWarming. The consequences are so dire that if the probability of warming occurringwere only .1% we still would have to act. Furthermore the question really iswhether we have to conserve or not. As the years go by we will run out of manyresources including fossil fuels and it is imperative that we conserve them.Still another reason is that by reducing consumption we can reduce the basiccost of living and that will be essential at a time where poverty iseverywhere.             It isimperative that we build more nuclear plants because that is the only source ofenergy large enough to save us from total despair. Solar, biomass and wind cannever produce enough to satisfy our needs. However energy sources are onlycompetitive in terms of priority and price. We need all of them. Some of themare much easier to finance than nuclear and we must proceed on all fronts. Wemust develop all types of energy conservation and alternate energy productionin order to keep the cost and number of nuclear plants down to a manageablelevel.             Geometryis the best tool for conserving energy. Cities must be designed a square mileat a time. That square mile should be packed with apartment houses, factories,multi-purpose buildings, a department store, and anything else that is neededfor every day life. Towns should be so designed that “walking to work will savethe earth” The construction of single family houses should be stopped. Thefirst step is to stop subsidizing them in any way. Apartments will save largeamounts of heating energy and the compactness they can create will greatlyreduce transportation energy. City and county governments must assist in theformation of car pools. Apartments are the only way of saving energy that costsnothing because we need a place to live anyhow.              Energysaving devices such as cogeneration, comanufacturing, combustion driven heatpumps, and solar mirrors for both power generation and heating must bedeveloped. Biomass gasifying and biodigestion must be experimented with. Largeamounts of biomass including fruit trees must be planted. Cities must plantparks and streets with edible plants. It is essential that sewage bebiodigested along with other biomass and used to make fertilizer, fuel gas, andclean water The digestion residues can initially be used for fertilizing energycrops in order to avoid pollution problems          There shouldbe large farms with apartment houses on them rather than single family housesthat destroy both cropland and wilderness. Experimental farming should developboth energy and food crops. Farm apartment buildings are ideal places toexperiment with heating, cooling, small windmills, and solar energy.             It isimperative that city, State, and county governments get involved in initiating largeenergy projects such as an energy farm or experimental low heat apartments. Auniversal factory would also be a good project. In order to do this they shouldwork together to start and finance such projects. It is as essential to make iteasier for ordinary citizens to form cooperatives and small corporations thatwould do energy or food projects. There should be a roster in city hall ofpeople that wish to buy stock and help to form such projects.           Kermit Schlansker   PE     kssustain at gmail.com
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