[Gasification] Cool Planets and biochar

Doug Williams doug.williams.nz at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 01:06:00 CST 2015

Hi Bren,

It was nice to hear from you and a nice surprise.

My Web Page is www.fluidynenz.250x.com  The latest File is the "Shasta Gasifier and Charmaker" of my visit at the end of January.

Tom Miles the Consultancy I work with in Oregon is   www.trmiles.com 

Tom owns these Specialist Group Forums and they are linked to his other groups.
gasification at bioenergylists.org      

You can also search out Terra Preta which Tom also runs a Forum for, so
plenty to research.

I will also send a couple of Papers I received last week on biochars,
but remember why I said about the differing production methods
affecting outcomes, because few researchers have any real appreciation
regarding the differences between char groups.

This article below was sent only this week to me, and what they say
about the benefits are basically true. Read the comments after the
article as it offers some interesting other uses for charcoal.


Hope this is of interest,

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