[Gasification] Difference between biomass and coal gasification

Juan Moreno juan.moreno at umag.cl
Mon May 25 06:37:05 CDT 2015

1. You want to adapt a biomass gasifier to coal gasifier?
2. If you have high ash coal, you know the components of these ashes, as 
many inorganic can catalyze your reaction and behave in a better way.
3. What is the calorific value of your coal, will be the subbitominosos 
4. Do you know which is the melting point of your ashes?

Juan Moreno

El 25-05-2015 a las 6:10, Arnt Karlsen escribió:
>> Hi all,
>> >
>> >Thanks for the response, but I am once again stating my question with
>> >some specifications.
>> >
>> >I am interested in coal gasification where coal used is with high ash
>> >content and less reactive.
>> >
>> >Capacity of gasifier is around 30 Tons of coal per day and technology
>> >is updraft fixed bed.
> ..can this be modified to fit e.g. a 1 - 2 meter tall "battery
> of Imberts" inside your current reactor vessel?  I haven't made
> up my mind on the ideal sizes for my gasifier and I have a few
> ideas I'd like to try out.
> ..regardless of sizes,  the hot section of my gasifier is going
> to be about 1 to 2 meters tall, and I'd like to consentrate on
> that rather on the other junk I need to test my ideas.
>> >If the reactor is operated at high temperature to crack any tar, ash
>> >would come out in molten form (Not desired) as conditions will cross
>> >ash melting point.
> ..in my gasifier (75kWe-300kWth "V-hearth Imbert" with tar vapor
> flare on top of the combustion zone "lens") I simply draw my tar
> vapors off my fuel hopper that sits on top of my combustion zone
> "lens", pipe it and some air straight down into my flare and use
> the combustion zone "lens" to ignite and burn my tar vapors, this
> also agitates and stabilizes the Imbert combustion zone "lens."
> ..for updraft, this becomes a little harder, as you have tar vapors
> "all over" your gas, and not just in your fuel hopper.
>> >So in this sense, tar generated after gas cooling be recycled into
>> >gasifier?
> ..your tar vapors generated in your gasifier and then
> condensed into tar droplets when you cool your gas.
> ..with your upstream gasifier, you have to clean your
> entire product gas stream, how much does that cost?
> ..with my setup, I keep my tar vapors away from my product gas,
> instead I use them to heat, agitate and stabilize my "Imbert"
> combustion zone, and then to fuel it, around 2/3 to 4/5 of it.
>> >Regards,
>> >
>> >Saiteja

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