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Dear Tom,
Verena, my wife and our family have been living off grid for more than 40 years.
We live on an island in the mediterranean, Mallorca, and at present there are 5 houses sleeping 4-6 on 10 ha (25 acres?). We have 3.6 kWp solar and a small " listeroid" generator which runs very seldomly, and if available on wvo or weo. The l-a battery has 300 Ah at 230 Vdc, we use DC for lights and have 3.5 kW freq drive as a 50 hz source. It is big enough due to good energy management. We rent 4 houses to tourist families over the summer and none of them complains.
The houses are well built and nobody askes for AC even in hot summers.
We pump our own water from a deep well and there is a fridge in every house, 2 deep freezers, 3pressure pumps,4 hydronic biomass boilers, 6 flat collector hot water systems,a workshop with power tools and arc welder, 3 washing machines,
Kitchen equippement aso.
Of course, not everything can run simultaneously, but this never happens anyway and we have very few problems.
Come and see how simple it is!

Von Samsung-Tablet gesendetTom Miles <tmiles at trmiles.com> hat geschrieben:A friend works for a company that is working on an international documentary about people who live off the grid. They are looking for candidates or communities they can interview. Please send me recommendations for individual or communities who have been successful at living off the grid. I suspect that many use a combination of technologies for generating off grid power including solar, wind, biogas, gasification, and diesel gensets.  

tmiles at trmiles.com
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