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 There are a series of "Earthships" in New Mexico that have developed this to a well developed process, many are located West of Taos and a wide variety of technologies are implemented. These have been there for decades.?
Leland T. "Tom" Taylor
Thermogenics Inc.?

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  Thanks Dan. I have heard that in some states it is difficult to live off grid if the grid is available. 
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I'm just starting down that road. After a forced business move, 6 years of deep recession, and a 3 year recovery from West Nile Encephalitis, things are coming together slowly. I closed on the 4 year lease purchase of my 5 acre mini farm in September. Now that I own the land and normal business has resumed, things are looking up.? My goal is to build an off grid intensive farm/ landscape nursery operation with greenhouses and maintenance facilities, while protecting the sensitive headwater Fen ( swamp) I'm located on. More info will follow as things come together.???????????????????? Dan Dimiduk. 


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A friend works for a company that is working on an international documentary about people who live off the grid. They are looking for candidates or communities they can interview. Please send me recommendations for individual or communities who have been successful at living off the grid. I suspect that many use a combination of technologies for generating off grid power including solar, wind, biogas, gasification, and diesel gensets. ?

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