[Gasification] Documentary of Living Off Grid

Bob Stuart bobstuart at sasktel.net
Tue Nov 3 13:23:56 CST 2015

Whole Earth ran a piece on "Amish Economics" by a neighbor Gene Lodgson 
who had noticed that they seemed to be doing awfully well without a lot 
of long hours.  In Pennsylvania they were careful to only use motors as 
supplements, not essentials in their work, and to keep their telephones 
in inconvenient booths.  One typical dodge was a strong preference for 
buying hay rather than grain, if they had to buy anything for their 
cattle.  It paid dividends as manure.

Bob Stuart

On 15-11-03 12:30 PM, Pete & Sheri wrote:
> Dan makes a good point about the Amish.  We have had an “Amish 
> Invasion” here in west central Wisconsin over the last 3 years or so, 
> signs of them are everywhere.  Not only do they disdain connection to 
> the Electric Grid, but they don’t use electricity at all(not in their 
> homes, for sure)l as far as I can tell.  No PV solar there.  However, 
> they do use a lot of diesel fuel for operating stationary machinery 
> and kerosene for lighting.   So they are still firmly on the 
> “Petroleum Grid”.
> I am not too sure that they’d take to being interviewed, but they are 
> friendly.  I have heard that there are about 10 million of them in 
> the  USA.
> By the way, Net Metering is rapidly going away in our area.  So I’d 
> expect to see a lot less interest in big individual PV arrays around 
> here in the future.  Utilities are increasing their connection charges 
> and, in some cases, only paying avoided cost (wholesale) for the power 
> sent to the grid by homeowners.
> Pete Stanaitis
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