[Gasification] Cirque Energy Deployable Gasification Units (DGUs)

Tom Miles tmiles at trmiles.com
Sun Oct 11 10:02:57 CDT 2015

Cirque Energy will be presenting on their Deployable Gasification Units
(DGUs) on Tuesday at the Gasification Technologies conference in Colorado
Springs, CO. We have seen several companies attempt to build a refuse
gasifier for the Department of the Defense. So far none of them have been
deployed for longer than a contracted testing period. According to their
website Cirque has a wood based project in Midlands, Texas. Richard Fosgitt
will be presenting for Cirque Energy. 


Their goals:

2 - 10 tons waste per day, resulting in 150-750 kw electric generation plus
thermal energy

High efficiency of nearly 90% when using available waste heat in CHP mode"



"Cirque Energy, in conjunction with Northrop Grumman Corporation have
jointly developed a Deployable Gasification Unit (DGU) for sale to military,
government, industrial and commercial customers.  The DGUs utililize Cirque
Energy's gasification and syngas condition technology, couple with
conventional reciprocating engine generator technology.  Any carbon-based
waste stream (MSW, biomass, etc) of approximately 2-10 tons per day can be
cleanly and efficiently turned into combined heat and power (CHP) energy." 


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