[Gasification] Abattoir's pyrolysis plant bucks methane power-making trend

Mark Elliott Ludlow mark at ludlow.com
Sun Oct 25 20:38:43 CDT 2015

This is surely over-hyped, Tom. Eleven-tonnes of waste (which is likely 85%,
or more, water) implies that over 9,000 kgm of water will need to be
evaporated each day just to end up with a couple of metric tons of
pyrolyzable waste. This is beyond ludicrous! Why not simply enzymatically
digest the offal, pasteurize it, and overland apply it as a soil amendment?
HAS to be some govmint money pushing ridiculous projects like this one!




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An alternative to anaerobic digestion for abbattoir waste in South Africa 

Abattoir's pyrolysis plant bucks methane power-making trend 
Read the article now.

BioWaste Technologies, Gauteng, South Africa, Joel Arcus 



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