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Years ago one client concluded that there were two ways to make money with biomass: put on a conference; or, get paid to haul it away. That has been a successful business model. 


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> On Oct 29, 2015, at 5:52 PM, Peter Davies <idgasifier at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yes Leland! One I attended I was publicly dressed down by one of the "Leading" Bioenergy Research Gurus because I hadn't patented our     breakthrough and he needed the information to fix his own systems...
> Never had a single prospect close a deal from a conference...the conference organisers at the prices charged seem to do OK though! Still if you can afford it not a bad social occasion...so maybe other reasons to attend.
> Cheers,
> Peter
>>> On 15-10-29 06:23 PM, Leland "Tom" Taylor wrote:
>>> Yeaaaa! I have never made a sale at a conference, often don't get returned phone calls from supposedly excited prospects.
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>>> Peter Davies <idgasifier at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> A quote from one of our clients...
>>> "Those that can, do. The rest go to conferences!"
>>> Cheers,
>>> Peter
>>>> On 30/10/2015 2:56 AM, Tom Miles wrote:
>>>> Good afternoon,
>>>> Please see attached the agenda of our Gasification 2016 summit on the 23-24 March in Rotterdam.
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