[Gasification] Open Core Rice Husk Gasifiers

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I am not sure what "open core" means, but I do have some experience with the
Chinese JXQ-10A gasifier.  I have not fueled it with rice husks, but have
used chopped straw a bit and wood chips a lot.

  If that machine fits the bill, I have quite a bit of info about my own
experiences at:



My general conclusion is that this style of gasifier primarily makes
burnable gases from the volatiles, not from CO2 reduction to CO.  When used
exactly as designed, one cooks a meal with it, then allows it to sit there
until the next meal. During this idle time between meals, some of the
charcoal that formed is consumed, making room for more fresh fuel to be
added for the next meal.

  I have never seen above-the-grate temperatures in excess of about 1200
degrees F in this machine.  In every case, the reactor eventually fills up
with partially terrified material and less and less burnable gas evolves
until there is none, if one tries for a run longer than about 5 hours.


Pete Stanaitis



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Does anyone on the list have experience running open core gasifiers on rice
husks? I'm looking for performance data or experience for operating systems
for a project in Southeast Asia. The Ankur gasifiers are well documented but
there is not much on open core designs. 




Tom Miles






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