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Thanks Jeff. Nice to hear about some direct experience. 



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Hi Tom,

Not sure if this applies but the Gas-of-Fire 1000 and rice husks were a nice match. Made a burnable gas and husk charcoal. Low on tar but best used for a heat application on an average. The down side was the darkish condensate and low but not low enough tar. The other down side was the lack of automation thus the need to hand feed it. Sorry, I never had the time to collect data and a few weeks ago I used it as fill for my pond expansion project.

Rice husks rock,


On Sep 10, 2015 10:25 AM, "Tom Miles" <tmiles at trmiles.com> wrote:

Does anyone on the list have experience running open core gasifiers on rice husks? I’m looking for performance data or experience for operating systems for a project in Southeast Asia. The Ankur gasifiers are well documented but there is not much on open core designs. 




Tom Miles






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