[Gasification] Pyrocal: Rice Husk to Heat and Biochar in Vietnam

Tom Miles tmiles at trmiles.com
Tue Sep 22 13:34:21 CDT 2015

Interesting development for carbonizing rice husk. This is the latest
evolution of a multiple hearth updraft gasifier from Australia.  




>From James Joyce, P.E. Pyrocal www.pyrocal.com.au 


Sept 22, 2015 PYROCAL and ECOFARM introduce the BIGCHAR 1200k 


An outline of the collaborative development of a biochar producing heat
source for traditional brick kilns in the Mekong Delta of Southern Vietnam




March 25, 2015: Biochar Production at EcoFarm with a BiGchar 2200 

Biochar production with BiGchar technology at EcoFarm in Vietnam. This video
briefly brings you inside the technology while it is firing. Corn and rice
residues become fuel for drying the grains, resulting in biochar that is
blended with organic fertilizers and spread back into the fields. More info
at: www.pacificbiochar.com , www.pyrocal.com.au






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