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Ron Gonshorowski oregonmail at gmail.com
Fri May 20 09:27:39 CDT 2016

I have been on the wind power group for several years, but research and
cost prohibited me from installing one.
Now my research has evolded to gasification and or wood gas as it will work
even when ther is no wind.
My plan has always been to use a grid intertwine system.
I have plans with complete Cad drawings on the way so that I can start
What size of alternator system should I look at so that my power production
would be close to zero use from the grid.
I currently use propane for heating, instant hot water, and other gas
appliances.  I still use an electric powered washer and dryer.
My other plan is to build a smaller gasifier to be mounted on a trailer to
power my motor home, for power and fuel supply. I intend to carry wood
heating pellets in the storage compartments depending on amount required.
Ron Gonshorowski
oregonmail at gmail.com
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