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Fri May 20 13:01:23 CDT 2016

Greetings Ron and list.

Ron, Pete is right. Unless you are going off grid.

Interconnect costs can be significant. However basic "switch over" gear is
quite cheap. (Backup generator type).

My own experiences are that it is too costly where I live as we have a
large surplus of electricity per capita, and since we only have one
supplier the price they will pay is simply NOT worth the investment of
interconnect gear. HOWEVER having the backup type system above, and running
at length on this system using Woodgate for the prime mover is VERY cost

I had originally planned to do the entire house, however the transenint
nature of fridges, well pumps, and such (say large inrush current items)
simply would stop a medum sized generator if too much was going on. I there
for opted for a smaller size (18 kwE 110-0-110 volt, black white red kinda
thing) to power MOST of my use.

The interconnect panel I used is made by square D and it's rating is 60
amps ( 2 pole 60 mains breaker. Times 2 to connect to supplier OR generator
but not both). I then moved most of my basic demand over to the other
panel leaving the high ampere stuff like the electric furnace on the
original panel. We can live limited-time without supplier power say summer
and better part of fall/spring without being grid connected, however the
need for chunked wood is quite great at that current level.

The best option is simply supplying with a smaller unit your basics and
leave the big current using stuff on grid.

NOTE: inrush appliances generally run only for a small portion of a day,
where as stuff like a toaster or hair dryer, lights, and coffee makers add
to the total 24 hour load....

Get a "Kill-a-watt" plug in (type of use meter for loads like fridges and
such) and run it on an item for a day or two. It will give a good number
for that ltems cost per month.

I have this meter


I Learned a lot about monthly costs on appliances using this. .....

Greg Manning
On May 20, 2016 9:29 AM, "Ron Gonshorowski" <oregonmail at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have been on the wind power group for several years, but research and
> cost prohibited me from installing one.
> Now my research has evolded to gasification and or wood gas as it will
> work even when ther is no wind.
> My plan has always been to use a grid intertwine system.
> I have plans with complete Cad drawings on the way so that I can start
> construction.
> What size of alternator system should I look at so that my power
> production would be close to zero use from the grid.
> I currently use propane for heating, instant hot water, and other gas
> appliances.  I still use an electric powered washer and dryer.
> My other plan is to build a smaller gasifier to be mounted on a trailer to
> power my motor home, for power and fuel supply. I intend to carry wood
> heating pellets in the storage compartments depending on amount required.
> Thanks
> Ron Gonshorowski
> oregonmail at gmail.com
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