[Gasification] Small Scale Industrial Gasifiers

Tom Miles tmiles at trmiles.com
Mon Apr 17 16:31:12 CDT 2017

At a wood energy conference in Alaska last week it occurred to me that the
number of small scale "industrial" gasifiers is growing. They are now
available worldwide and there are many reports of good customer service.
Gasifiers that were only available in Europe are now being installed in
North America. 


Wood chip and pellet gasifiers in the 40-125 kWe range are now running 7000
hours or more. 


Some suppliers: 

Spanner <http://www.holz-kraft.de/en/>  - 600 units

Volter <http://volter.fi/>  - 100 units

Holzenergie <http://www.holzenergie-wegscheid.de/?lang=EN>  - 60 units

Burkhardt <http://burkhardt-energy.com/hp604/Wood-Gasifier-V-3-90.htm>  -
100+ (wood pellets)


These units all have tight fuel requirements: pellets (Burkhardt) or dry
(13-15% MC), and properly sized fuel for reliable operation. Some suppliers
offer sizing and drying equipment. 


They are all expensive so they require applications where there is high
value for the heat and the power.


What has been the owner-operator experience of running these systems? 







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