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Hello Paul

we canoffer you 11 and 20 kwe net nominal power updraft and downdraft  gasifiers using Honda and other chp gas engines, they include plc simplified linear logic controls, logger and IT BMS connections , grid hookup parallel set, preheated biomass chamber, IP gas filter system. Oil is a special lubeoil with a life of 15 years, nochange, patent pending, 
partialized or total  heat recovery system. they are containerized in 2o foot,

they can be shipped from Germany Hamburg or from EIRE Dublin


Inviato da iPad, 
Nicolo Cerni
0039 340.830.67.97 pls sms me or skype nico_cerni

> Il giorno 18/apr/2017, alle ore 20:57, Paul Anderson <psanders at ilstu.edu> ha scritto:
> Tom M. and Tom T., and all,
> What arer the sizes (kWe) (or some other measurement??) of these units?   Big difference if discussing 5 kWe or 25 or 100 or larger.  My interest is in sizes under 25 kWe.
> Paul
> Doc  /  Dr TLUD  /  Prof. Paul S. Anderson, PhD
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>> On 4/18/2017 11:16 AM, l wrote:
>> It seems that these systems are all the same and have very limited input range, complex control systems, no produced water removal and treatment system where water vapor eats the engine parts from formation of organic and other acids and lowers volumetric efficiency from dilution of the produced gas. There are significant improvements that go beyond these options and allow for much longer life of the engine, highe r output per unit, less drying required and not necessary for pelleting. 
>> Sincerely,
>> Leland T. "Tom" Taylor
>> Thermogenics Inc. 
>> +001-505-463-8422 
>> www.thermogenicx.com
>> Skype: ltt.invent
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>> Nicolo,
>> please stop sending me emails to other people.
>> David Murphy.
>> On 18/04/2017 5:04 PM, Nicolò Cerni wrote:
>> you are welcome Tom,
>> only 4 manufacturers offer certified syngas with low tars ( < than 4 mgr/nM3 )
>> and only very few can process anything else other than strictly selected wood chips
>> here is one we are proud to represent
>> www.pyrogas-gmbh.de
>> The package units you refer to as Spanner had a GM 5,7 motor for years that required
>> complete replacement  after 3/4 years, now they use a new USA Made  CHP engine called Origin 
>> probably a labelled OEM Product we cannot  trace.
>> our organic biomass gasifier AHT can process different wood waste types and organic matters
>> such as chicken manure
>> regards
>> NC
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>> 2017-04-18 0:26 GMT+02:00 Tom Miles <tmiles at trmiles.com>:
>> Thanks, Nicolo. It’s good to know about you.
>> I didn’t know there were that many manufacturers in Europe.
>> Tom
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>> Hello
>> please see our versions
>> at www.altair-pyro.com
>> new addresses here below
>> we are shipping to you our sales docs
>> our prices are adjusted to local markets Levelized costs of energy 
>> they range from 3.200 to 4.600 Euros x 1 Kwe installed Cogen set power
>> we know
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