[Gasification] Naphthalene Condensate Photos, GAST methodology

Doug doug.williams.nz at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 14:30:20 CDT 2017

Hi Nico,

If you have operating data that supports the reliable operation of 42 
gasifiers, then you should send this information to Tom Miles who owns 
this list. He is trying to help both clients and gasifier manufactures 
to demonstrate gasified power generation in very rural isolated 
communities. Hence his request for reliable information for small scale 

For your information (as a salesman) those of us older generation who 
were present in the rush to develop gasifiers in the 1970's, have 
watched the same brand of gasifier technology passed from company to 
company over the years. Each time it is presented with renewed 
enthusiasm, terminology, and promises to save the World(:-) This is why 
a long memory and "some technical expertise" is helpful to sort out all 
the promotional garbage.

Good luck with the cooling design, we need innovation for that componentry.

Doug Williams,


On 25/04/17 06:35, Nicolò Cerni wrote:
> Doug Williams,
> Fluidyne.
> Hello Doug,
> thank you, I never knew your are N Zealander...... the PM 2 comes from 
> syngas
> thank you for all your scientific infos
> what we can offer are data from our 42 gasifiers sold since 2002 all 
> over the  world and performing quite well
> I will pass yr text to our scientific and hitech board, I am not a 
> scientist, my job is to sell and get paid
> I design ONLY the quench and the Scada
> kind regards
> NC

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