[Gasification] 40 kWe genset for a Rice Plant

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Hi Tom,


We had our local expert, John Sanderson from Gasification Australia, do a technical report on Powermax systems, see: http://www.wxteneng.com/en/Biomass-Gasification-Power-Plant-5.html , you may know of them.


He visited the factory and was impressed by their knowledge and build quality.  They do produce a downdraft fixed bed system rated at 50 kW and may be suitable for your rice plant.





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A rice plant in Southern Africa is on a weak grid and wants to explore using a rice husk gasifier. They have 19 motors from 1-3 KW totaling 41.5 KW. The plant mills all year 8 hours per day. 500-600 tons of rice husks per year. 


What systems would this group recommend?  Where are similar systems operating? Do any use a battery?







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