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Rolf,  The Technology behind the setup was from www.WasteSolutions.co.nz 
The Guy was John Campbell but I think he has moved on.   The biogas was at 
the Lornville Alliance works 
There was an alternative setup for waste processing  used at the Mataura 
plant.   There, all the meat processing water was put through a  Dissolved 
air coagulation setup which flocculated out all the blood and fat and meat 
and it was turned into pet food.  All the  manure from the stock yards the 
gut and paunch contents were mixed with  lignite fines and dust and 
composted into a product they called Superdirt.   This was quite dark in 
colour and had a very nice earthy smell to it.  It is sold  at Gardening 
stores. The lignite mine was owned by the Company and  they had to get rid 
of the dust and f fines in some way.
All the wastewater from the Lornville plant after biogas was put through 
Algae ponds and then discharged back into the Makerewa river that they took 
rthe water out of. I haven't been near the Lornvilleplant for some years 
now.  Ken C.
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>  That´s very interesting, Ken!
> I live and work in mediterranean Spain (Mallorca).
> What you describe sounds a bit like a two stage digestion,perhaps with 
> some kind of acid hydrolisis before the substrate enters the actual 
> anaerobic digester. Could you find more details or an adress of someone I 
> could ask some questions ?
> It would be very helpful.
> I also heared about a large slaughterhouse in Italy which seemingly 
> ferments all its guts and rests. Where is it ?
> Thanks again
> Rolf
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