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  Hi all!

Just some addotions to sugar and gas yields:

>  In theory (thanks to Dr David Fulford) 1 kg of sugar gives 865 litres 
of biogas, so Dr Karves figures are ballpark.

The yield per kg may differ (in small amounts) what sugar 
(Glucose/Saccharose/...) is used. But the gas yield differs a lot what 
kind of normation is used. Under German standard gas conditions used in 
the field of biogas ( 273.15K = 0°C; 1013.25 mbar, dry gas) sugar as 
"Glucose" would result in 747 L/kg. You can easily check and recalculate 
this for "norm gas conditions" in your country. Often 20°C is used 
instead of 0°C, so the gas yield would be higher.
You can have a look at the buswell formula: 
and the given  table below. So often people have different figures but 
are talking about the same thing.

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