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  Listers, Hi

The Ashden Awards <http://www.ashdenawards.org/int_awards> are looking 
for projects on renewable energy to be submitted for a possible award. 
Biogas projects have done well in past years (see the videos listed 
under Ashden Awards on the Biogas Wikispaces 
<http://biogas.wikispaces.com/Videos> page). I have added the two that 
won awards in 2010.

If you think you have, or know of, a project that could be classed as an 
"Energy Champion", that relates to any form of renewable energy do 
consider applying. The deadline for International Awards is fairly tight 
- 19 October, so you need to download the information 
and the forms 
and fill them in quickly. As well as projects involving biogas, they are 
also looking for projects on the wider subject of biomass, as well as 
solar, hydro and wind, or any system that provides or encourages the use 
of sustainable energy.


David Fulford

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