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  It depends. In agricultural biogas plants for example most of the 
methane comes also from H2/CO2.
The acetate is taken up by acetate oxidizing organisms.


Am 08.10.2010 21:29, schrieb finstein at envsci.rutgers.edu:
> It is interesting to compare the flow of carbon in the ruminant with that
> of the anaerobic digester. In the animal the main source of methane is
> H2/CO2; little comes from acetate. The acetate passes through the
> intestinal wall to enter the bloodstream, where it is aerobically
> metabolized as a primary carbon and energy source. That's the "idea" of
> being a ruminant. In the AD, approx. 2/3 of the methane comes from acetate
> and most of the remainder from H2/CO2. Where else would the acetate and
> other simple breakdown products go?
> Mel
>> I also noticed in an earlier post the comment about methanogens being
>> present in our digestive tract (I agree that they are), but why? I think
>> it
>> has been suggested they balance the H+ and H2 system so our digestive
>> system
>> can operate (so they may be "good" bugs) but it may also be that we
>> provide
>> an environment for their survival so they compete for nutrients. I know
>> CSIRO have done work on reducing methane emissions from cattle so I will
>> try
>> to follow that up and I will also ask a gastroenterology colleague here as
>> well, but comments are welcome.
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