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On 10/28/2010 1:53 AM, Voegeli, Yvonne wrote:
> After visiting a Bekon biogas plant in Switzerland, I'm especially 
> concerned regarding the opening of the digester for emptying and 
> refilling. Before opening the door, the digester has to be vented in 
> order to avoid a gas-air-mixture which is explosive. This 
> installation seems to me rather complicated....
> ...Is it possible to install a simpler venting system?

I would venture a guess that where the inlet air is being forced in by 
bubbling through water, and the outlet air likewise is allowed to 
escape by bubbling through water, then the only place in the system 
where there would be both a potentially explosive gas mixture and the 
potential of a spark would be at the evacuation point of the exiting 
gas mixture. Where sufficient air is blown over the water through 
which the evacuating air is exiting, then the risk of any explosion 
would, I would think, be very close to zero.

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