[Digestion] Digestate comparison to liquid worm castings

Joshua Bogart joshua.bogart at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 14:43:27 CST 2011

I have used liquid biol from small systems (pigs and household waste) on
vermiculture beds and never seen fatality problems. I was using it to
moisten dried out coffee pulp, so it probably never exceeded 12% of the
total material in the beds, but it seemed to work well. I have also sprayed
it as fertilizer on corn, beans, citrus seedlings, coffee seedlings Guarea
sp seedlings, Grevilea robusta seedlings, Cafe arabica seedlings, as well
as other species, both as a foliar, and applied to root zone, 100%, 50%,
20% and have never seen fatalities of plants, in fact I have seen good

If anyone has studies showing lethal properties on plants I would like to
see them because I know a lot of farmers who use biol as fertilizer and it
would be nice to be able to advize them on these issues.

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