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Dear Jorge Montero,


Check out the Mopesa-60 KW.  It is built in Mexico -
http://www.mopesa.com.mx/Biogas.html.  We designed, built, and operated over
300 anaerobic digesters in Mexico and several of them used the Mopesa-60 KW.
We also used the Caterpillar-85 KW that was imported from USA.  I do not
remember if either of my suggestions meets the IEEE 1547 (distributed
energy) compliance, but you can probably find out very quick by making a
phone call to both companies.



Good luck!


Charlie Ramos

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Dear listers


We run a quite successful (I think!) biogas program here in Costa Rica,
which is growing in the size of the participating farms.  By this time we
are trying to produce electricity with the biogas and connecting the
generators (with potential for producing some 60-150kW) to the electricity
grid within our distributed energy program.  However, we haven´t found
equipment for generating and safely interconnecting to the grid (safe from
the super expensive Capstone turbines).


Can anyone suggest some other equipment maker ?  Other avenues?   We do
require IEEE 1547 (distributed energy) compliance.





Jorge Montero

Costa Rica.







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