[Digestion] Solar Heated Batch Bladder Digester for Poultry

Randy Mott randymott at ceeres.eu
Mon May 23 02:39:10 CDT 2011

I still think that nitrogen is the big issue.

Randy Mott

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G'day All,

I don't think poultry manure has methanogens (Once I tried layer manure
collected from the floor and it did not start, but the same happened for
cattle manure with antibiotics - the dairy cattle manure did eventually
start up though). I have also been told that kangaroos don't have
methanogens in their gut.

I also recall a conversation about human digestive systems that indicated
that some of us have "better" methanogenic populations than others (but I
may be wrong here!) so a trial may be the best thing.

Happy digesting,

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Dear Steven,
In shops selling material for building construction, you would get plastic
water tanks. I have seen tanks of even 50, 000 litres (about
11,000 gallons). They can be kept above ground and you can use them as
digesters. Just build a plastic greenhouse-like structure or a geodesic dome
around this tank for passive solar heating. The fecal matter of all animals
contains methanogenic archaea, so there won't be any need to use a culture.
One time filling is O.K. I have seen that large tanks filled with cattle
dung plus other digestible matter yield a steady output of biogas
continuously for 6 months to a year. Ammonia should not interfere with the
process of digestion. It would go out of the system along with the biogas.
This is how the land fills work.
Please keep us informed of the progress of your project.

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