[Digestion] smell of poultry litter

Murali Krishna bmkrishna6 at gmail.com
Wed May 25 22:19:01 CDT 2011

Good day Paul,

The smell of poultry can be effectively tackled in the folllowing way:

Take 100 liters of water in a plastic barrel and add to it  10 kgs of dung
and 500 gms of jaggery/sugar.  Mix the solution thoroughly and leave it for
24 hours.  The water will be full of microbes by that time.  This water can
be filtered and sprayed on the heaps of polultry litter.  This controls all
the foul odour.  Apart, fermentation process would also be quickened.

I have advised this tip to some of the poultry farmers.  They have been
using this with great success.  On a day to day basis also they can spray
this solution on the litter layers.   This hardly costs the farmer.


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