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Dear Deepak,

Just as a basic calculation, if you need 2.4kWh of electricity and the generator has a 20% electrical efficiency then you will need 12kWh of energy input. If we assume your biogas has an typical energy content of about 6kWh per m3, you require 2m3.

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Good Day and namaste,

Thank you for the question of how long I need to use 2000 W. Living in Bali indonesia with a electricity meter having MCB (mini circuit breaker of 2200 w) making me thinking too simple that I use 2000 W per hour.

You are right, I don't need 2000 W per hour (if you assume that)

Answering your question correctly:

I have not decided to use the biogas for the methane or for the electricity. It will be installed in traditional vegetable market in Bali indonesia.

So the feeding will be vegetable, rotten fruits and the operating temperature will be between 26 degree celcius to 32 degree celcius.

I am thinking to put 10 tubes light of 40 Watt each for 6 working hours. 
So, I think answering your question correctly it should be:

Electricity of 10 x 40 watt = 400 Watt per hour (wh)  and it will be
2400 watt for 6 hour


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