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PETER ALLISON pm.allison at bigpond.com
Wed Apr 17 03:46:58 MDT 2013

Re; Bio Slurry.
Thank goodness bio-gas chatter has now included bio-slurry as a legitimate by-product of the process. 
I have always maintained bio-gas was but a bonus of the exercise rather than the focus. 
Bio-slurry contains all the elements, nutrients, colloids, chemicals, hormones and more produced by plants minus the sustenance requirements of the animals fed upon this plant matter. 
Introduction of the resultant manure into the bio-conversion process takes plant matter to its finest conclusion.. 
All the requirements of plants are contained within this matter outside of sunlight and CO2. 
Plants are not concerned about being cannibalistic. They will consume their relatives and friends as long as they are in a form suited to absorption by plants. 
They enjoy colloidal nutrient. There is plenty of this material in spent slurry. There is also plenty of material ideally suited to soil feeding and rehabilitation. 
The simple solution to bio-slurry is extraction of the colloids for foliar feeding and then pelletize the remainder for broadcasting operations. 
The pelletized material can be formulated to correct deficiencies in either soil or crop or both. 
Peter Allison
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