[Digestion] Anaerobic digestion as a way to reduce PAHs in biochar

Limbania Aliaga limbania.aliaga at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 10:23:41 MDT 2013

Hello everybody,

My name is Limbania Aliaga and I am currently starting my master thesis in:
Anaerobic digestion as a way to reduce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
(PAHs) in biochar.

This proyect was designed to help farmes who own biodigestors and gasifiers
in their farms.

The project will focus in two points:

-Reduction of Polycyclic aromathic hidrocarbons (PAHs) in the biochar, in
order to reach the  permissible concentration of the European Union norm to
apply biochar into the soil.
-Improving biogas production and decontamination of farms waste water (cow

If anyone has experience with this topic, have any suggestion or
literature, I will really appreciate the help.


Kind regards,

Limbania Aliaga
Aachen, Germany
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