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HI Rabin,

As David says, these schemes often look good on paper, but fall into
tragedy of the commons.  Run by a wells structured group or government you
will remove some of the issues but the gas distribution will still be an
issue whether or not you want a pipeline network or are trying to transport
gas bladders.  There are lots of issues around how much waste is delivered
and how gas and slurry are metered.  If there are fixed inputs, then
producing electricity on site makes sense, or finding centralized thermal

We have tried on about six different occasions to try group biogas plants
in Mexico with cooperatives and they have all failed until the group
structure fell apart and a single family took the plant over and ran it
successfully (as a household system). This is consistent with many projects
around the world, including David's comments above.  I really suggest you
avoid this scheme unless there is already a solid structure in place that
would support it, such as joint waste management or a multifamily farm



On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 5:45 AM, David <davidf at kingdombio.com> wrote:

>  Rabin, Hello,
> Several years ago, in Nepal, we (DCS at the time) worked with the ADB
> Small Farmers Development Programme to set up a number of small community
> biogas plants. The information is available in my book: "Running a biogas
> programme: a handbook"  (
> developmentbookshop.com/running-a-biogas-programme-pb). I am in the
> process of writing an updated version of this book.
> The SFDP workers were rather frustrated by this project. They had to spend
> a lot of their time stopping arguments within the groups as to how much
> dung each family put in and how much gas they were using. The individual
> household programme became very successful (now BSP-N -
> www.bspnepal.org.np/), but the community biogas programme had to be
> regarded as a failure.
> Best wishes,
> David
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>  Hello,
> I need some help regarding the promotion of biogas in rural areas. As of
> now, in rural areas biogas plants are installed in individual households
> but now we are thinking of promoting single (big) biogas plants for a group
> of households ( it could be 10 or more households). This biogas plants will
> be run by an individual person or LFIs ( any entrepreneur) then they will
> sell gas to households.
> So I want some information, if this kind of model has been used in any
> other place. If you can provide any related information then I will be
> really thankful. I also want to know if this is feasible or not ?
> Regards,
> Rabin
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