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I think thinking about the material used in a digester is going to far. I understand that you may want to add material to the  digesters as substrate or scaffold allowing bacterial to attach to this. these type of digesters are referred to as packed bed reactors and you may find more info searching for these in literature. these types of setups are ideal for wastes that have a very low solids contents. if you were looking at a material to attract a specific bacteria then you would need to know the charge associated with the bacteria and find a material with an opposite charge so as to attract the bacteria, however due to the nature of anaerobic digestion bacteria and the diversity found within this bacterial community matching a coating with a specific charge is not ideal as it will more than likely only attract a specific bacteria and you are actually after a diverse population within a digester. I would actually go for a high matrix substrate that had a high surface area this will allow more bacteria to attach to the surfaces. have a look at some of the media that goes into a standard trickle filter for example bio-balls as these have been designed to have a high surface area compared to there volume. hope this helps a little

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   Is there any material coating which can enhance BioFilms inside the digester ?


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