[Digestion] Digestion Digest, Vol 53, Issue 3

Edward Silalahi (Medan) Edward_Silalahi at asianagri.com
Mon Feb 9 02:26:37 CST 2015

Dear Digestion members,

I would like to know some relating to the biogas process are:
1. How long of life the microorganisms (bacteria) in hydrolysis, fermentation and methanogenic step? 
2. How many m3 of biogas per bacteria productivity?
3. How long the production of biogas since starting from beginning until produce the biogas?
4. How many bacteria (microorganism) average/normal per liter of sludge?

Please help me to find out of the question?


Best Regards ++


Edward Silalahi 


Before you can be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid
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Mr. Herrero,


As a member of the Digestion bioenergy listserve I received the Volume 53, Issue 1 message dated 2-2-2015. I checked the link you provided and read your recent article regarding development and testing of cold-climate tubular digester designs. We have now published a news item directing our Teru Talk newsletter readership to your research; see:


Teru Talk web service (www.terutalk.com) is focused on the clean conversion of waste and biomass to energy, fuels and other commodities. We have now built a detailed profile for tracking INER and CIMNE's efforts. Please keep us in mind for receipt of future news, articles and press releases related to our industrial sector. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.


Michael Theroux, Editor

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