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Thomas Reed tombreed2009 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 14:28:57 PDT 2011

Dear Bill, Larry Garinger and all

I read over the site and the Garringer gasifier would seem to be a good
deal.  I presume inside it is similar to an Imbert gasifier, and they
typically cost <$1000 (in the 1940s).  I was glad to see that the
incorporated the filter and cooling in the unit.  What doesn't make sense,

The website was a little vague on power level, maybe up to 80 kW? but until
you test it you can't tell how much power can be generated.

I hope this gasifier proves out.  It looks like neat construction and has
all the right words.

It looks as if the gasifier might have a diameter of 14".  If so, our
"Handbook of Downdraft Gasifier Engine Systems" (available at
www.woodgas.com) says it should produce 140 Nm3/h of gas from 67 kg/hr of
wood ~1.2 MBtu/hr input which at 70% efficiency should make 840,000 Btu/hr
of gas energy, 246 kWthermal, at 20% generator efficiency, 49 kWelectric.

So, are you going to buy one Bill?  I'd be tempted if I needed that much,
but living alone I need about kWhr/day.  I could run it for 6 minutes and
store the energy in batteries and I'd be off the grid.  I'm working on a
much smaller gasifier to get off the grid in an hour or so of operation/day.


The Biomass Energy Foundation, woodgas.com

On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 3:00 PM, Bill Klein <
Bill_Klein at 3ialternativepower.com> wrote:

> Greetings and a good day to each of you!
> What can you tell me about the "Garringer gasifier"?
> I know what I read at their site: http://garringergasifier.com/ , thus my
> question. Between their home page, information spread about other pages on
> their site and their video, there are numerous claims made and some,
> seemingly, contradictory information and pictures. To top it off, I'm told
> i
> can buy this "unit" for US$3,500, receive a one year warranty and it will
> be
> ready to ship 15 days after my check clears their bank, in Wyoming.
> A casual study of the site and the video seem misleading. Or am I seriously
> mistaken?
> If I am off base, Then I offer my most humble apology, but I am confused.
> Things don't seem to add up.
> Respectfully,
> Bill Klein
> 3i
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The Biomass Energy Foundation
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