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Dear Bill,
      I am not sure what doesn't "add up", or is "contradictory", but 
 from what I see, the system has to be shut down to refill, probably the 
same to empty the ash, will only take certain sized fuel, wood blocks, 
will probably have to be periodically disassembled and cleaned out from 
tar formation, although the design is made for low tar content, it is 
not zero and sooner or later the piping will foul. It would be 
interesting to see what their "warranty" looks like, for the devil is 
in the details. I can imagine the cost of making wood blocks.
      I do congratulate someone who is able to make such a system. 
Backyard inventors, tinkerers are certain clever. Farmers in particular 
I have known to be very resourceful. There is a niche market for these, 
but I wouldn't buy that yacht yet.

Leland T. "Tom" Taylor
Thermogenics Inc.

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Greetings and a good day to each of you!

What can you tell me about the "Garringer gasifier"?

I know what I read at their site: http://garringergasifier.com/ , thus 
question. Between their home page, information spread about other pages 
their site and their video, there are numerous claims made and some,
seemingly, contradictory information and pictures. To top it off, I'm 
told i
can buy this "unit" for US$3,500, receive a one year warranty and it 
will be
ready to ship 15 days after my check clears their bank, in Wyoming.

A casual study of the site and the video seem misleading. Or am I 

If I am off base, Then I offer my most humble apology, but I am 
Things don't seem to add up.


Bill Klein

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