[Gasification] Range Fuels Closing Plant

Thomas Koch TK at tke.dk
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I had a discussion with some of the engineers from Range in 2007 about how to adapt physical laws to their reality. 
I remember the feeling of being reactionary - cautious and less dynanic among a crowd that all the self confidence in the world. We where looking at some black stuff in a bearing - smelly - sticky - BUT IT WAS NOT - NOT - NOT TAR!!! 
Why not - because their gasifier did not produce tar - because tar would kill the catalyst. 
Thet really had visions - I remeber a senior person saying to me "Of course we can change the law of gravity - Nasa could put a man on the moon - it is just a matter of money" - 
Every thing I could say was - STOP - THINK - REFLECT - SEE - USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. All actions that did not at all match with a dynamic and fast moving venture investment - at this stage they where allready 2 month behind schedule. 
Thomas Koch


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Dear Tom:


Too bad that money couldn't have gone to a company that has technology that works.


Ron Bailey Sr.
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"Cellulosic ethanol company Range Fuels is closing its Soperton, Georgia facility after completing it first batch of ethanol, according to story posted by Georgia Public Broadcasting. 

The firm, which has received more than $300 million dollars in state, federal and private funding, will lay off the majority of its workers and shutter operations, while it attempts to raise more money and address technical issues."  


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