[Gasification] lanzatech buys closed range fuels plant for , 5.1mil

doug.williams Doug.Williams at orcon.net.nz
Wed Jan 25 04:14:12 CST 2012

Hi Gasification Colleagues,

You may be interested in looking at the presentations that I mentioned in 
the discussions with Peter about gasification in Australia, that I turned up 
on Google. I also include my own presentation from the IEA Gasification 
Workshop, "The Enigma of Gasification", but the texts were separate, because 
I used the slides to discuss all the activities that have resulted by 
others. Not sure if I can find them, but will post them if they turn up. 
Because I report our work as it happens to this Forum via the Fluidyne 
Archive, some of the photos will look familiar, but some were shown for the 
first time at this meeting.

Doug Williams

Australian Gasification Report.


Real Power Systems Report (not presented at the IEA Workshop)


Fluidyne Presentation


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