[Gasification] a khosla investment that i find very impressive (eco motors)

jim mason jim at allpowerlabs.org
Wed Jan 25 03:41:53 CST 2012

after the drubbing of range fuels and lanzatech, we should also note
the other companies khosla is betting on which even we gasifier
crumudgeons might agree are impressive.  khosla in actuality is a very
thoughtful explorer of options across the entire energy space, and has
surfaced many unique endeavors into his portfolio of companies.  see
the list here: http://www.khoslaventures.com/khosla/cleantech.html.
it is easy to bash over the gtl misteps, but that is a small part of
the total story.

my current favorite is eco motors, which builds a very elegant opposed
piston opposed cylinder engine.  it is rare that a new engine
architecture really has a chance for meaningful take up.  i think this
one does.  here's a good explanation video of its design and benefits,
with good germanic commentary.

as this is a valveless engine, it will have much higher tar tolerance
than a valved engine.  also the opposed piston design lets one get
controlled port opening in a two stroke so no typical blowthrough
problem and thus no two stroke co pass through issue.  it is a very
elegant solution.  it embodies multiple wins, without any deal killer
new tech or materials problems i can find.  it is all standard engine
design and making methods, just assembled together differently.

the general site is here.

what's the problem i'm missing that's going to keep this from being
fabulously successful?

consider the waters re-chummed . . .


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