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Thanks. It is encouraging that they have taken on gasification since they
appear to already make other wood heating appliances.  






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Dear Tom,
I've spent quite a bit of time reading through their website and have been
trying to get schedule //ed to get over and see one of their units, but
haven't had time when needed. I'll keep you appraised if I get more info.
It's definitely neither a fly-by-night nor otherwise non-serious operation.
The numbers for general categories as to hours / year to break even/make
money, amounts of fuel consumption, type of fuel, etc. look very good to me,
but I'm no engineer. 

They appear to be gearing up to add to their line of 30kWE and 45kWE
co-generation units with one in the range of 150kWE. Apparently the gasifier
is pretty close to ready, since they have released a video of a pretty good
looking flare with claimed output between 300-400kWTh. From the sound of it,
it's pretty hot and it looks pretty good, too.

Ronald von Erkältungsnachwehen

On 29.01.2013 18:18, Tom Miles wrote:

We have been hearing that Spanner in Germany has sold about 130 gasifiers
for heat (to 10 kWth) and power (up the 45 kWe) for wood chips.


Does anyone have direct experience with these gasifiers?







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